A pure, sustainable, better choice.

These days, you don’t have to be David Attenborough to realise humanity is hurting the planet. Climate change is a problem that affects us all. We’re already seeing the consequences – Rising sea levels, disappearing animal habitats, increased forest fires…

And it’s only going to get worse unless we take action.

Thankfully, due to modern innovations, living a sustainable lifestyle is getting easier every day. And one of the single biggest things you can do to shrink your carbon footprint is to use solar energy.

That’s why we have created All Solar Supplies – to make sustainability accessible to all. No matter your budget, together we can save our planet.


Take the next step

We offer all the equipment you need to get started with solar power. We’ve also got a team of experts on hand to guide you in your purchase. Whatever your energy needs, we’ve got a solar solution for you.

A Couple Of Days To Halve Your Bills

Residential solar panels can be installed in just 1 or 2 days and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits. Not only will you be protecting the planet, you could reduce your monthly energy bill by up to 50%. And solar panels work year round, even on cloudy days.

Solar solutions on the go

Solar power isn’t just a game changer for your home energy, there are plenty of other uses in your day to day. From phone chargers to outdoor lighting, we offer solar powered products to make every part of your life more sustainable.